Friday, September 17, 2010

Sleepwalker Tutorial

One of the things that I am hoping to learn from using Painter, is not just how to use the program, but to also learn how to use the tips and tricks as part of my own work/paintings.
The next chapter that I completed covers painting a night scene using the image of a sleep walker.

1) Starting with a sketch, the painting is prepped and sized. Using the darkness/contrast controls this helps to bring out the lines of the sketch so that it makes is easier to see.

2) The next step involves painting in the background and the basic colors including the floor boards and the shadows as well as the candle glow. This part takes a bit of time (it took me about a week)

3) The last step involves adding the shadow effect and the window illusion over the sleepwalker, and voila! night scene is painted. I don't think that I am going to put this in the portfolio, but at least it's good practice!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Grand Moff Tarkin Painted

Just finishing up a painting/sketch of something that I started a long time ago.

Waitin' to Exhale Final Project

Here is the second of my final projects from my illustration class. The idea is to recreate 3 movie posters replacing the main characters with metal or tin people. (the tin idea based on an idea that I created for a previous assignment). Below is the final image along with some steps along the way for each phase.

1) I did a sketch based on the original movie poster except that I then turn the main characters into "tin people". Trying to keep the main positions and mood the same. When done I then bring this into Painter and finish up the image.

2)  I am no master painter..and I am learning as I go. I basically start with finding a color scheme (I used the original poster to base my colors). I then start filling in the values and adding an overall color to the painting. I then go in and fill in all the details (this takes a long time). I use some textures for parts of the dress and the sweater. To finish up I tweak the overall lighting on the candles and the background and Voila..painting #2 done. Now I just have the last and final painting do to. I will post that as soon as I am done. Enjoy!
3) Here is the original movie poster online for personal use only (please don't sue me 20th Century Fox)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tinner for Schmucks Final (Finally)

So even though my illustration class has ended, I am still working on the final projects (3 movie posters).
I am learning that completing works so that it doesn't look like poop takes a lot of patience and practice.
Here is the first of the final on to the next 2..

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Space Salesman Final

This was a project that I was working on finishing for my illustration class final.
The concept had to do with an article that we had to illustrate an idea for (the article was about jetlag).
So, I decided that jet lag was a lot like being disoriented in space (I thought that the salesman reference was also applicable). Ugh, this one took forever. I started (and finished) this illustration previously, but then decided that the painting/illustration did not come out the way that I wanted.
So I started part of the illustration over (I don't know why I am big on starting things over...I guess it's to make the illustration as good as I can get it). Unfortunately, I still don't think it necessarily came out right. I am not even sure why I am posting this, I guess so that I can call this one done and as a means to move on.Oh well, practice makes perfect as they say.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Today's Daily Sketch: The Punisher..

So, i've been pretty busy trying to get the portfolio in order, and finish up a few projects before too much time goes by. However it's been a while since I posted anything so, here is a quick sketch of "The Punisher" for today's Daily Sketch challenge.
Look at it or he will get you!