Saturday, January 29, 2011

Drawing in Painter 11

This might have been obvious to other people, but for the longest time I was using Painter to strictly color and paint different things (or try to). From looking at different tutorials online I realized that you can also create some really dynamic sketches and pencils using the pencil tool/brush. The reason being that Painter is meant to specifically react to the levels on pressure on the Wacom/drawing tablet.
I did some of these today and am really liking the way that this has come out (and that is saying a lot because I never like anything that I do...pretty self critical). Woo!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Six Million Dollar Man 2

More practice

Six Million Dollar Man

Steve Austin. The Six Million Dollar Man.......Just for fun...

Using Google SketchUp in Your Work

So I hate drawing backgrounds. Inanimate objects such as buildings and cars and such are things that are necessary to know how to draw, but they are def. not as much fun as say..aliens and zombies..robots, etc. etc. etc.

I discovered that you can use a program such as Google Sketch up to render objects such as buildings and vehicles and then print it out and draw and paint over them, or...import these assets directly into another program and then work from there.
It's free and although it takes a lot of practice to the get the hang of it, there are tutorials that you can watch to guide you along. you can get it here:

To show this example, I did a 3-D example of lettering that I then brought into Painter and then added paints, etc. to after.

1. In Sketch up, use the 3-D text tool to render any object that you like. You can export objects as images to use in other programs.

2. Then bring the object into a drawing or painting program and then begin to add effects over the image. In this case I added flames and smoke.

3. There are obviously many other things that you can do between Sketch up and other programs and this is just the start. Keep practicing and you will find new ways that work for you in no time.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Robot Manny Vol 1 Page Preview

Just a quick preview page of Robot Manny vol.1 due out in April.

Public Salon TV Appearance

I haven't been able to post as much work lately as the past couple of weeks have been kinda busy.
However last week, I actually did a tv panel appearance to discuss the painting that I did for the LITM Dark Matter Bright Future Show. The taping took place at the Symposia bookstore (which is the last Used Bookstore in Hoboken).

When I got there there were two other folks there ahead of me, one guy was a poet, and another guy was a spiritual Buddhist. We were also joined by a "green" engineer/artist and the founder of Community Development International, who I have to say was probably the most impressive of the bunch (they do relief work and charity for Haiti).

The discussion took place in a semi-circle that mainly focused on social issues, poverty, hunger politics, etc. I contributed what I could, but kinda stayed away from the heavy political issues.
At the end of the show I plugged LITM, and the piece that is hanging up until the end of the month (see: previous entry Dark Matter Bright Future)

It was pretty fun, and the show ended a lot sooner than we all realized.
the show will be broadcast Thursday evenings (8 to 9 pm) on Public Access Cable’s channel 19 on Cablevision. I'm not sure if you can see it in my area, but there will be a You Tube clip soon, that I will post when it's up.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

LITM Dark Matter-Bright Future Show

Hey all,

Just a few pictures from the LITM show "Dark Matter Bright Future" (see previous entry).
Overall the show was a success from a turnout stand point. The group show which doubled as a fund-raising benefit to protest the construction of an oil pipeline in JC featured many local artists, working in all types of media. Below are just a few of the shots from the evening. It was a lot of fun, although compared to the other pieces featured, my piece was really really small. So I will need to work a little bigger next time. 

Opening exhibition wall:

A couple of shots of my piece "Embankment Oil Refinery":

A couple of shots of the LITM crowd:

Group show flier:

As a quick follow up, I also got invited to be on a guest panel, for a local TV show called the "Public Voice Salon". Which is awesome! More news on that soon. Happy New Year All!!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dark Matter Bright Future Art Show and Other News

So it's been a busy couple of weeks with the holidays coming and going, I haven't had a lot of time to post work lately....but I will post some stuff as soon as I can.

For now here is the latest:

1) Dark Matter: Bright Future:
Tomorrow is the opening of the Dark Matter: Bright Future show at LITM in Jersey City.
The opening is a benefit to protest the construction of a gas pipeline in Jersey City/Hoboken (no fucking thank you)! You can learn more about the benefit and show on the LITM Facebook page:

You can learn more about the issue here:

2) Mega Man Tribute Contest:
Still working on my piece for the Mega Man tribute contest..(deadline is in a few weeks....) I am in the middle of working out the tones, and will need to start on the color soon. It's taking a while, but hopefully if I keep at it I will turn out something awesome. If you want to enter it's not too late, you can enter the contest here. 
I can't post the piece for a long while, but once I hear, I will def. give a peek.

3) MOCCA FEST 2011:
Still working on this one...still taking a while, but I will post the progress for this one as I go.
LOOOTA work to do as of yet..
Here is the link to MoCCA Fest 2011:

More work to do....oh..and Happy New Year all!!!!