Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thulsa Doom Part 2

So I just posted a quick toned sketch of Thulsa Doom and I was all proud of myself and then I looked and the image and it was boring as shit! I don’t know what I always forget the basics like, composition, and I always. always. always forget to fill the space. Why is that so hard to remember….I think I get so excited to post that I get ahead of myself and I don’t always think things out. Even though it’s just a sketch, there should still be some thought behind it. Anyway…I like this better..

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thulsa Doom

I know that the new trailer for Conan came out recently, but I am still an uber fan of the original. Not because it’s a great movie as much as the nostalgia. So here is a quick work up of Thulsa Doom…i’m trying to get used to the new Photoshop and have been playing with the new painting tools. Looks seriously awesome…I just like the way that it renders a lot..

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Latest Posts and happenings..

-This week has been pretty busy, I entered a design contest over on this site called “Infectious.com” it’s a pretty sweet competition site where you can upload your own design and have the chance to be featured on their site plus a gift certificate to some of their products.You can check it out here: (and vote if you like) http://www.infectious.com/critique/moebocop/robots-like-the-beach/8551

-Tonight when I am back home from hanging with family business then i’ll post a few more pics that I have been working on from last week. I have been working on toning some of my drawings using Photoshop. There really is something about the way that Photoshop renders images that make the drawings look different than in painter and kind of awesome. I wish that there was a way to consolidate both programs into one. I will post those later today.

-This week I am off on my trip to Guatelmala and then by the time I get back it will be time to start my digitial online painting class. Which I am pretty psyched about. I will be posting the stuff that I do for class as I complete my assignments week to week.  Until then it’ll be more practice and experimenting…
More to come..have a good week everyone

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jersey City Concept Painting 1 Done

Alrighty, this is the first of my ideas for the JCindependent cover contest. It's finally done. My idea here is to take places in JC and to then put a different sci-fi spin on them. This image is from a picture that I took over on Warren and 1st street (about a block away from my place.) Instead of a hi-rise and the power substation, instead we have robots and flying bots. I think the way that this came out, only next time I will use elements that are totally from pictures that I took. This image has some stock art, so I will have to challenge myself next time and build elements from scratch. (done in Painter 11)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Afro Samurai!

Here is Afro...done in Painter 11, i'm pretty happy with this one (focusing on the values again..) however I keep forgetting to focus on filling the space....sometimes these things just happen spontaneously, and I forget to do that as I am working...i'll keep that in mind down the road though...
Time to  setup the new computer now...

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Demon Hunter Done (Part 2)

This is another version of the Demon Hunter image that I was working on for the bi weekly challenge over at the CG-Hub site. I thought that I was done but then I decided that I needed to work even harder on values before adding color instead of jumping ahead (I just get super excited about adding the color bit). So, I went back and reworked this piece (again) and added more contrast with the oil's brush.

This home however, I def. liked the way that it came out. So, I can safely say that I am done and done.
Now on to the next forreals..Up Next: Afro Samurai!!!