Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stuff That I Draw That is Awesome?

A few weeks ago I had mentioned that I am cooking up an idea for a book for the next MOCCA fest (which is the small press comic show in April). Last time around (last year) I did a mini comic, and although it came out pretty well (printing-wise) I think that this time around I am going to put together a collection of sketches that I have done over the past few years. Maybe a Vol. 1 to start and then put out more books as time goes on [unless I get another idea of course].

I mean, I sketch and draw, and I sketch and draw A LOT! I have keep sketch books since college (when I was super into comics) and have held onto these books all this time.
So why not, dust them off, put them together and compile stuff for show? It will be interesting too to see how my style has changed a lot since then (for the worse haahah?) I don't have a title (yet) , but will post progress as I turn stuff around.

The painting class is going great..but as always, more practice is needed....I just finished up a painting recently and will probably be posting that for first full fledged painting, but not my last of course. See ya!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Monday, August 22, 2011

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Doc Ock in color

Been working on color painting stuff..I realized that I didn't do this correctly the first time, so I went back and did it again.

Art and stuff...(random thoughts)

I always say that I am going to do more writing, but then when I get the time I decide to do other stuff like work on homework or....procrastinate.

Last week was a pain..not really more of a pain than any other week so much. I think that at work it's getting to the point where it might be time to move on from the current gig. I don't think that I can do the same project for another* year. I am thinking again of taking more time off to paint and work on stuff.
Now that MOCCA fest is coming up, I can start to think about what I want to do for the book.
More ideas forming, but I got a little bit of time before I have to start to put stuff down and begin work. Maybe in a month of so.

In the meantime I have been working on homework for the photoshop class that I am taking. It seems that I am always* taking a class. At this rate I am probably going to be taking class for the next few years, which is fine sine I never really went to school formally. I guess that you could say that this is my schooling. Between taking classes, independent study and practice, practice, practice hopefully I will wind up in a different place than where I am now. I would say that I am already in a different place creatively than where I was a year ago. So it's just a matter of recognizing and capitalizing on that.
Not sure where I will wind up, but I need to follow, right?

This week, more work (meh), more practice (yay) and on to the next class, more sketching and more posting (it's pretty much a full 2nd time job)(should also be able to sneak a game in there or two).
I should also make it a point to get out of my apartment and see people too. After a while spending too much time in your own mental space can close you off to others and that's not good either. It's all about balance. Now time for more Netflix, and finishing up practice work for posting, and then maybe some ps3 before bedtime.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Unicron's Hungry in Color

Worked this up in color tonight...I think I might put it away for the night and take a look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow. I like the colors but I think that the layers or the brushes might be a bit murky..not too sure. Also, I wanted to try and change the background...but I think I messed up my layers. I will have to play with it a bit....

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MOCCA fest round 2

I just got an e-mail the other day that has announced that MOCCA fest is not open for registration.
Tables are first come first serve, so my plan is to mail in my payment from my next paycheck.
I'm psyched. I did MOCCA fest last year which was the first year that I did it and it was so good.
I met so many awesome indie comic creators and just had a great time in general!

So I have been thinking of what to do for the next show. I wasn't too great at doing a narrative story last time, so I think that this time I am going to do an interesting free form sketch book.
So it will be a book of sketches, but maybe with funny quotes and other word balloons to keep it interesting. It will probably be less time to put together since I already have the sketches, so really it's just a matter of putting it together and packaging it up nicely. Again the goal isn't to sell and make tons of money, it's really just to get out there and connect and network.

I will most likely be posting my progress as I go on this blog, tumblr, etc. etc. so that I can chart my progress as I go. Oh...and...I have a title for the book, but I won't reveal that just yet....

More to come...