Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mighty Bomb Jack! (Again)

So here is the final Mighty Bomb Jack piece. I had posted this before, but of course I am never happy with anything that I do, and until I am, I am always tempted to do things over and over again and experiment. In fact that is one of the benefits to Photoshop, and it's hinderances as well.

There are so many layer settings, button options and menu options in the program that the possibility for outcomes is almost infinite. This of course makes this overwhelming when you are trying to develop a style and be consistant. I am working on another fun piece now (Elevator Action) which is getting there, but I had to basically start the thing over three times, because I was not happy with how it was coming out at all (and I might be a semi-obsessive-compulsive perfectionist)

All in all though the theory is that the more work you put together and the more work you do, the sooner you will arrive where you want to be. At least that the goal.