Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fashion Sketching!--Art Book News!

Happy Sunday all! Today it's pretty chilly outside and so today is a good day to sit inside and get some more work done. (I am always doing working, working on something, etc. etc.) 

1) Fashion Sketching:
I was recently asked to participate and donate several fashion sketches to the event (where they will be sold) so I have started to do several sketches on paper where they will be sold at the event.
The number of sketches that I put together and the cost per sketch is still TBD, but you can see a sample of them above.

2) Art Book Progress:
In other news, the art book is pretty much done. I basically have finished pieces for the following games:
-Bubble Bobble
-Clu Clu Land
-Elevator Action
-Mega Man2
-Mighty Bomb Jack
-Ring King
-Kung Fu
-The Legend of Kage 
I still have some more work to do for one more piece, and then from there it's on to doing the cover, designing the interior, etc. etc. and some more materials (including the postcards). 
What's fun about this process is that I have been learning as I have been going along, so from when I started working on the first piece until now, I felt that I have gotten a lot better and learned a lot.

So I basically need to be done with everything by the end of this month and then get ready for the show...(it's the shipping time that I have to account for).
At any rate, that's what's new. I will post the cover once it's ready, and eventually I will reveal the name of the book too! 

See ya soon!


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