Sunday, April 29, 2012

MOCCA 2012 Wrap Up!

So another year has come and gone for MOCCA fest, and it was a good one. I caught up with a lot of folks that I met last year. The first day started slowly, but then after a while it picked up pretty quickly, and I sold a few books. The funny part is that because of the theme of the book, a lot of people didn't know about a lot of the more obscure games in the book. However no matter, MOCCA fest 2012 was fun, and I am already thinking about what to do for next year (maybe Saturday morning cartoons? I dunno.) Most of the days were spent trying to sell books, networking with other artists looking at some great stuff, and basically enjoying the show. While I wasn't selling, I also got in a lot of sketch practice on the spot. All in all it was a great time. Now, back to business.


Monday, April 23, 2012

Six Million Dollar Man and Sasquatch and MoCCA fest.

Ok so  back in the day I was obsessed with the Six Million Dollar man. There was one episode where he met up with a bionic Sasquatch (this is awesome classic tv people...and you can't beat that). 
This one was actually a sketch that I did when I first started this blog way back when. I def. like to go back to earlier things that I have  done and try to improve upon them. So, here it is. The Bionic Man and Sasquatch. It's a weird obscure thing to paint and post I know. Now that it's done I can move on.

In other news, I finally sent off my book to be printed for Mocca fest (woot!). Tonight I am going to pick up the redesigned banner, and that's all that she wrote. I should then be ready for the show next week. I will do a post show wrap up after the show is done. I am pretty excited to network and meet new (fellow) solo artists.
I have also submitted an application to be a part of the Asbury Park Comic con. Last year I wanted to do more than one, so  I am gonna try for two this year, esp if I have all of the work done already (re: book and banner)
Stay tuned for a pre-show and post show wrap up!

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Lord Krang (and other news)

First off....I am happy to say that the MOCCA fest book is over and done with. * Bit 80's has gone off to the printer and although I am sure that there will be some edits needed, hopefully I will have sent it early enough to avoid any last minute rushing and stress (unlike last year).
I also managed to send out the banner too, so that should be arriving hopefully this week, and as long as I did everything right, then I should be all set for MOCCA. I was going to get started on the next volume, which was to be even MORE Nintendo games, but I am thinking that I might instead Saturday morning cartoons instead? Not too sure, the verdict is still out on that one.

I am off posting by a week (not that I need to post EVERY week, but I try). So this week I have a little "Lord Krang" action for you (from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). If I decide to do the Saturday Morning cartoon book, then this one is def. going in it. Have a good one!

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