Sunday, July 22, 2012

Coles Gallery Composite Test

Composite test for gallery show...

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Self portrait

Recently I have been exploring new ways to merge the use of Photoshop with some of the blending tools in Painter. I really like one particular tool in Painter that gives the texture in the image a brush-stroke like feel to it. I have been practicing that a lot more as well as with the layer setting tools in Photoshop (but nor over doing it too much). Lastly I also apply a texture to give the piece the sense that it's painted on a canvas. I may or may not use the canvas bit for the submission that I am going to be working on for the Coles gallery coming up in the next few weeks we'll see.

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Jason Unmasked

Jason Voorhiees star of stage and screen and murder of a million or so pre-marital sex having teens. this One was done for the Daily Sketch challenge over on

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The Professor (fixing this one and evening out the tones more)

More going back and fixing things...a quick piece that I did a while back.

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Space Ghost Quits (Fixing Values)

This is just a quick fix that I did to this piece, the values were really off, so I wanted to fix this one since I liked the way that this came out. I also added the sun glare in the background.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

I like to finish things..

A while ago I was working on a personal project for a friend of a friend, and it got shelved. I like to finish things that I start so instead I put my own spin on it and added a few elements to this to make it something interesting to look at. Voila!

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Sketchbook Project

About a week or so ago, I was in Brooklyn and I wandered into The Brooklyn Art Library. (Who even knew that it was there?). Basically the library was home to a massive library of sketchbooks.
The way that the library worked was that you signed up for a library card, and then once you got one, you could check out one of the sketchbooks to view. The work that people submitted ranged from doing sketches to completely transforming the book and making it into a completely different element (like a fold out pop up book.)

I found out that the project was part of a massive global project called..."The Sketchbook Project".
People that are interested can basically buy a book, (for $25) and then all that you have to do is fill the book with whatever you want. You can also pick any topic that you want as well (I of course decided to do a "sketchbook" since that is that I pretty much do anyway).
So I have joined the project and have gotten a few pages in (above is  sample page).

When you are done you can drop the book off back at the library or mail it back. I will probably just drop it off since I am in Brooklyn all the time anyway.
I will post my progress as I go. Sweet!


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