Sunday, October 20, 2013

New Url, New name, Back to basics again

So one or two new things to note. The first is that I have decided to change the url of the blog from "murdockink" to just plain old "". I think that this will be easier to remember and make for a more unified appearance across the blog, the cghub page, deviant art, etc. etc.
Rather than having 10 different urls for everything.

Next is that after listening to the latest interview on Chris Oatley's blog with artist Noah Bradley I heard a few things that were some sobering wakeup calls.
The main thing is that it has become apparent how many artists are out there trying to make a living at doing art, while I am still trying to get the basics down. In order to even get anywhere to the point of excellence I am going to need to practice a lot more, like a lot lot more, a lot. Which I will do of course over the next year.

In the end that means focusing on the things that I need to practice. while not worrying or caring about likes or page views. This will help me to get to the core areas that I need to work on without all of the undue pressure (I will still do the occasional comic-con of course to sell off the old prints).

Lastly I am going to focus on a few key things at a time to make this process a lot less daunting thus alleviating guilt if I don't finish a painting in a week.
They are as follows:
-Composition studies from the masters
-Color composition studies from the old masters
-Noses (because I really can't draw them much less paint them)
-The face, eyes and hands

Lastly, to make sense of all of the stuff that I want to get done, I have broken up what I want to do into short-term goals (1-2 weeks), medium length goals (1-2 months) and long term goals (1 year)

I will of course post progress here.

Part of the short term goals are to do a lot of composition studies as mentioned so here those are all work by John Singer Sargent:

The goal is to really get the composition right not to 100% copy accurately. I will post more as I do them. I'll also be throwing some sketches and WIP in there too for shits and gigs...

See ya