Friday, November 29, 2013

Painting Drama Final AA Painting -- 2nd Painting Completed

Several months ago, I joined the Oatley Art Academy in an effort to try and learn the basics of digitial painting. Little did I realize that I would learn much more than that about art and the fundamentals of making great work.

I am happy to report that after several months I have completed PD1 with my second painting from the Audacious Accomplishment assignment.

Our final project for the course is for us to redesign 2 scenes from a movie of our choice. After a bit of searching I decided to redesign two scenes from "The Grey" starring Liam Neeson into a space scene.

You can click on this link for the movie description.

1. Background:

The movie centers around a man (Neeson) who crash lands in the wilderness along with a plane full of prison inmates. Along the way the men are pursued by wolves and fight nature as they try to survive.
In the film Neeson finds a letter from his his in the crash, which continues to be an object of hope and inspiration through the film. So I wanted to include this in my piece.

Below is a basic summary of my process that I used to get to the final image along with a few notes along the way AND a special behind the scenes video for the whole process. 

I hope you enjoy!

Final painting 1:

Final painting 2:


Color Palette:

3-D models:

Behind the Scenes Video:

Song: Can you Kiss me First

Music By: College

I just want to say a super special "Thank you" to Chris Oatley our instructor and everyone. I know that there will be more to learn and that this is just the beginning. I finally feel that I am pointed in the right direction to mastery.

Chris you definitely helped me to take the first steps. Thank you so so much much dude I will never be able to repay you!

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Nintendo Pro Wrestling Tribute Painting (Behind the Scenes)

Here is a little behind the scenes video I did for the Nintendo Pro Wrestling tribute piece.

You can see the whole painting at:


New YouTube Channel Live!!!

I have had a Youtube Channel for a little while, but I have also decided to take more advantage of it. I am going to use it to show some behind the scenes videos for paintings that I have finished. I will also use it to show some of my older work. I think it's a way to make the work come to life with music and action.

I have one video posted here so far, but there will be more to come soon:

Check it out and enjoy!

Also check out:

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Castlevania Behind the Scenes!

Here is a little behind the scenes video of the latest Castlevania piece that I just completed.
Hope you like!

Castlevania and all of it's characters are property of Konami Inc.

Castlevania, the Castlevania logo and theme music
and all of it's characters are property of Konami Inc.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Painting Drama AA final painting---Take 2

Recently I completed the first painting of my two final painting drama final projects based on a major movie. I based my project on "The Grey" which stars Liam Neeson as a man trying to survive the wilderness with a number of other plane crash survivors.
(See the original post here:)

After taking some time to look at the painting and after stepping away from things for a while, I realized that I wasn't happy with a few of the things in the original painting. So...I redid it from scratch.
The final result is here:

I think that this version is way better for a few reasons:
-I took a lot more time to work on the facial structure. I was struggling with that a lot last time.
-I picked a different combination of brushes to bring out the texture in the show and in the overall piece
-I fixed the lighting so that not too much attention was being pulled away from the main character by the fire in the background.
I think that this one has a better general feel and I can now say that I am officially "done" with this one.

I have one more piece to do which I hope to have completed before the end of the year.
After that I will be moving on to start Noah Bradley's art camp, which I am excited about.
If you have not seen his work at all you should check it out here:

Thanks to all the PD1 folks and to Chris Oatley for teaching us!
On to the next piece!

p.s. Here is a little Outrun for you which is a video that I wound up listening to over and over while I was working. The music is so catchy!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Here is some Castlevania for ya --Happy Saturday!!!

Here is a little Castlevania for your Saturday morning. 
Final piece!

Here are a few sketches of compositions that I did a long the way for reference and such.
Have a good 'un!