Saturday, November 16, 2013

Painting Drama AA final painting---Take 2

Recently I completed the first painting of my two final painting drama final projects based on a major movie. I based my project on "The Grey" which stars Liam Neeson as a man trying to survive the wilderness with a number of other plane crash survivors.
(See the original post here:)

After taking some time to look at the painting and after stepping away from things for a while, I realized that I wasn't happy with a few of the things in the original painting. So...I redid it from scratch.
The final result is here:

I think that this version is way better for a few reasons:
-I took a lot more time to work on the facial structure. I was struggling with that a lot last time.
-I picked a different combination of brushes to bring out the texture in the show and in the overall piece
-I fixed the lighting so that not too much attention was being pulled away from the main character by the fire in the background.
I think that this one has a better general feel and I can now say that I am officially "done" with this one.

I have one more piece to do which I hope to have completed before the end of the year.
After that I will be moving on to start Noah Bradley's art camp, which I am excited about.
If you have not seen his work at all you should check it out here:

Thanks to all the PD1 folks and to Chris Oatley for teaching us!
On to the next piece!

p.s. Here is a little Outrun for you which is a video that I wound up listening to over and over while I was working. The music is so catchy!