Friday, November 29, 2013

Painting Drama Final AA Painting -- 2nd Painting Completed

Several months ago, I joined the Oatley Art Academy in an effort to try and learn the basics of digitial painting. Little did I realize that I would learn much more than that about art and the fundamentals of making great work.

I am happy to report that after several months I have completed PD1 with my second painting from the Audacious Accomplishment assignment.

Our final project for the course is for us to redesign 2 scenes from a movie of our choice. After a bit of searching I decided to redesign two scenes from "The Grey" starring Liam Neeson into a space scene.

You can click on this link for the movie description.

1. Background:

The movie centers around a man (Neeson) who crash lands in the wilderness along with a plane full of prison inmates. Along the way the men are pursued by wolves and fight nature as they try to survive.
In the film Neeson finds a letter from his his in the crash, which continues to be an object of hope and inspiration through the film. So I wanted to include this in my piece.

Below is a basic summary of my process that I used to get to the final image along with a few notes along the way AND a special behind the scenes video for the whole process. 

I hope you enjoy!

Final painting 1:

Final painting 2:


Color Palette:

3-D models:

Behind the Scenes Video:

Song: Can you Kiss me First

Music By: College

I just want to say a super special "Thank you" to Chris Oatley our instructor and everyone. I know that there will be more to learn and that this is just the beginning. I finally feel that I am pointed in the right direction to mastery.

Chris you definitely helped me to take the first steps. Thank you so so much much dude I will never be able to repay you!