Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Latest Thumbnails!

I am realizing now that blog posts are not just ways to post work, but also ways to make notes to myself when I want to go back and look up how I did something.
These are a series of thumbnails that I have been doing for Noah Bradley's class (i'm in week 6 of 12).
I found that since I am sketching and sketching and sketching, why not just use those as subjects for thumbnails rather than trying to come up with new thumbnail ideas each time, just paint the thumbnails of sketches that I have already completed.
So I basically have scanned a bunch of thumbnails from my notepad, then I do the following:
-bring the sketch into Photoshop (the scan)
-convert the layer to multiply
-block in color blocks "under" the multiply layer
-then paint on top
note: use a multiply layer to deepen shadows...but don't* use an overlay layer because it washes out the color.

That's it! Now I can use this as a reference for later on down the road. (Thumbnails posted below--note that the last two rows are effed up because I converted the layer to grey scale by mistake.):

Painting Process Finally!!

After 2 or 3 years I think that I have finally settled on a painting method, which is to paint on a base color layer and then build on top of that. I did two examples of the same painting as follows.
The first one is me painting on top of values and then adding color on top. The second one is me adding color layers on top of a base color layer. I have found that when I paint the second way, my work comes out much much better. When I paint on top of values in Photoshop, the end painting never ever comes out right. So this post is really a reminder to myself in the future when I get the urge to play around. Experimenation is cool, but don't paint on top of values, because it looks like shit.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Eye!

Just completed "The eye!"
I don't even know what it is really....but it's finally done.
While painting this one, I listened to a lot of Roni on the link below to enjoy!